How does this process work?

Lebanon Athletic Boosters has joined in partnership with GAP Advertising to create the online store.  Robin Ellis, a long time Warrior family, is our key contact and sales person.  She is our point of contact and is also working to develop a sub-vendor relationship with local companies like "Avid Signs Plus" and Spear It Wear (Stacey Cox) to complete embroidery and screen printing.  The Boosters are working hard to keep as much funds in Lebanon as possible.  

When you purchase online you can do the following: 

     1. select the tab for your team or group

     2. select item and size

     3. Items will be shipped to the High School, Attention FBLA Group / Shahne Stone, who will contact you for pick up.  

     4. Item is coded so we can track what team/group is selected, which allows us to donate 50% of profit to that team/group. 

         a. Athletic Boosters want to share this yearly fundraising opportunity with each athletic team, as well as school groups. 

          b. Athletic Boosters are supporting all athletic teams, have worked with Superintendent and school Treasurer to also                      support Band Boosters,Music Boosters, PTO groups of each school, Teachers and various groups like FBLA, Honors

              Society, and more...

     5. The FBLA is part of this process as follows; 

          a. Help track sales by item to determine items that sell well, and those that do not.  If it does not, then they will they

               will suggest taking the item off the site. 

          b. Help determine quality item to be placed on the site. 

Athletic Boosters is also asking the Art Classes to help design shirts logos and artwork for future shirt designs. 

If you see something you like, let us know to see if we can get a similar item.  We want to take care of all Lebanon teams, groups and staff. 

How does this process work?

This is the similar to except this is a Pop-Up shop that only runs from November 14th - November 29th.  All the items in this SWAG shop is specific to the Winter Sport teams.  Once all orders are in by Midnight on the 29th, then we close the shop and produce all the items.  All items will be completed by Christmas and delivered to the High School.  We, Shahne Stone & FBLA Group, will contact you to set a time to pick up your items.    

80% of the team profits will be given back to your team as a fundraiser!  Boosters hold 20% to cover expenses of the shop and time to deliver items.  

See below for more details on the shop process.